White Rock – Unraveling the chronicle

White Rock – Unraveling the chronicle

The Tale behind the name

Did you know? During the last ice age, glaciers concealed British Columbia. Yes. These glaciers ascertain their occurrence till date, by the grinding marks borne by the mountains they used to marinade. During the last glaciation, fragments of these were carried by glacial ice, over distances of hundreds of kilometres and varied in size. The city of Whistler is surrounded by many such peaks, some of them peering through the glaciers, while others completely shielded in ice. An erratic would not be a true erratic, unless quiescent in an area with unlike rock types. As an instance, in what is now called ‘White Rock’, rock and mountains around the erratic are different in colour, texture and composition. This ‘White Rock’ now looks out of place and distinct but is the reason the area was named so.

The Journey

White Rock was a leisure resort in Surrey, to begin with. The warm ambiance and waters were enticing, but the small municipality needed a bigger plan and infrastructure to alter into an urban city. As time passed, more and more projects were initiated. The completion of the Great Northern coastal line marked the initiation of the resort communities of White Rock and Crescent Beach. Easy access to the wide expanse of beach via the railway, encouraged growing numbers of New Westminster and Vancouver residents to procure summer cottages in the communities. The creation of the White Rock Water Works in 1913 and the facility of electric power in 1915 from the Campbell River Mill greatly affected the attraction of more year-round residents. The area got busier with the rerouting of the Great Northern Railway. The spot was close enough, in terms of proximity to the border and thereafter began to grow. It began to attract people who wanted to settle or retire in the lap of nature. People loved to spend time in the peaceful and vivid beach area.

Few years later, the city was hit hard by the First World War. The Lumber Company, that earlier provided for employment was now forced to shut down. People lost employment and found it difficult to afford living here. The population dropped to about 400 permanent residents and many homes were left vacant as mill workers and their families moved out.

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During the Great Depression, the Prairie provinces were struck by drought and famines due to crop failure. In the mid 1930’s, people from the west began to move to this area as the flag bearers of uphill living because of the availability and affordability. Initially, the city was dependent on Surrey. After a long negotiation, White Rock finally became a city in 1957.

In reality, the 486-ton granite stone is not naturally white, instead due to the large amounts of bird excretions that were deposited onto it. This is what made it distinct from the rest of the surrounding area and helped sailors use it as a signal. Also check Must Eat’s Of Vancouver British Columbia

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The Famous White Rock

As for the rock, it is painted white regularly, in order to keep up the name sake of the city. White Rock had its present pier, officially opened on November 14, 1914. It was built to stipulate a deep-water wharf facility and extended 1,616 feet from the shore. However, its key purpose has always been to serve as a tourist facility for pleasure boats, for a promenade, fishing and swimming. Since its assembly, it has acted as the heart for White Rock’s summer tourist activities. The next time you visit this haven, you should rejoice in the beauty of the sunset while sitting at the clock and lookout platform.

Where to spend a day in White Rock

The main attractions of White Rock are several. You have choices depending on your curiosities. You would only have touched White Rock if you ever come back without some special moments and captures at the pier and the promenade. Whether you just want to look at spectacular art or you a serious buyer, the White Rock Gallery is the best there is. The ones fond of theatre might be lucky to grab a show at the Blue Frog Studios. Canadians are foodies and sun lovers. A beach is not a beach without good food and wine. You might want to drop in and have a feel of the White Rock Beach Beer Company or the 3 Dogs Brewing.

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What is your go-to place in White Rock?

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