Things to do in Orange County, California (2021)


Orange County is a beautiful place in Southern California. It’s most popularly known for Anaheim’s Disneyland Resort, a huge variety of rides, restaurants and shops. There are innumerable things to do in Orange County…your vacation would end but the list won’t ranging from site seeing, shopping, beaches, hikes, foodie hotspots, museums, and much more in it’s bucket. Let’s explore a few of them.

Here are a few Things to do in Orange County orange county
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1. Adventure City

This place has always been on my top list to go out for family outings and keep everyone engaged and entertained. Adventure city provides adventure attractions for tiny to tall, from young to old and from male to female keeping in mind everyone’s keen interests. It is not only available for small groups but also to larger corporate gatherings. The activities range from climbing a wall to scary roller coaster, party spots, arcades etc. The parking has never been an issue at this fun place. One can have a fun filled day along with relishing their favourite foods like pizza, hot burgers, delicious ice creams and much more. things to do in orange county 1
Things to do in Orange County, California (2021) 19

2. Bowers Museum

The art loving people will love to visit the famous Bowers Museum which can cater to their artistic tastes in more than one way in Orange County. This prestigious museum has been validated by the American Alliance of Museums which has given accredited only 5% og musems globally. Since 1936 the Bowers Museums has managed to upgrade and restore the word culture through its regular contributions in the field of fine arts. It is one of the famous ttourist attractions for all age groups with a unique “kidseum” available for tiny tots. Various other choices are available for customised events for larger groups. It is my humble advice not to miss the chance to visit this world famous attraction.

3. Disney California Adventure

You might wonder what is so different about this Disneyland than the other ones in various other countries. But let me tell you that here in Disney California you will get many many more opportunities to explore especially designed rides and fun filled adventures in its bucket. Everyone of all ages will love to find and relate to huge diverse featured characters throughout the Disney. You can even check for specials events being hoisted here through the comfort of your phone. It would be a fun filled package. It will definitely make your vacation memorable. things to do in orange county 2
Things to do in Orange County, California (2021) 20

Some More Things to do in Orange County

4. Doheny State Beach

California’s State Park’s Doheny State Beach is known for witnessing of and educating public about sea creatures local to the community. The interpretive center helps the visitors in guiding them through their various maps, programs available as well as all the required information about flura and fauna of the park. It has facility of even getting huge picnic spots on rent for large gatherings and themed events. You can enjoy all sorts of adventures from camping to swimming to hiking as per your interest. Kids programs are conducted through out the year. You can also view marine life more comfortably and at your convenience at the aquarium.

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Things to do in Orange County, California (2021) 21

5. Knott’s Soak City

If you happen to visit during hot weather and wish to spend time in water then Knott’s Soak city would be the place to visit to chill out. It has one or the other activity to offer for all the members of the family or groups with its unique water slides. Luxury of semi-private cabanas on rent is also an added feature of this wonderful place which can board more than seven people at a time. Specials amenities and facilities are also included with it. things to do in orange county 3
Things to do in Orange County, California (2021) 22

Check things to do in orange county today.

6. Mission San Juan Capistrano

If you find a place with religious , historical and cultural importance for more than 250 years then Mission San Juan Capistrano would best serve the purpose of your visit. It was founded by Father Lasuen in 1775. This place has inspired and has been a source of eduction for many by safeguarding its rich history of cultures and values of many. In present times, it has become a lantern of historical exhibits and conservation. Many films and photography events are held here too. The mission is acknowledged as one of the prestigious places for social gatherings and personal events. things to do in orange county 4
Things to do in Orange County, California (2021) 23

7. OC Brewery Tours

Offering affordable packages and commuting services is the key feature of OC Brewery Tours to enable you to have an extensive tour of it’s vast breweries in adjoining areas. You will be escorted from the comfort of your home and dropped again at your doorstep after the complete tour is done. This pre booking facility makes your trip absolutely hassle free and your experience of the brews worth remembering. You can even customise your day event according to your own personal requirements by exploring various packages available on it’s website. things to do in orange county 5
Things to do in Orange County, California (2021) 24

Another things to do in orange county this week

8. Pretend City Children’s Museum

Pretend City Children’s Museum is the best platform for kids to explore and refine their key skills of mathematics, reading as well as problem solving. Here kids learn the pattern of the working of the world by engaging in plethora of various fun filled interactive educational activities which enables them to be more imaginative. Children are given opportunities to take part in various roles and solve real life like situations e.g. imagining oneself to be in the shoes of a bank manager or grocery boy etc. they can even participate and explore a number of careers for their future like in medical field, construction, nursing etc. children get hands on experience of many science activities too through experimentation and practical’s which are conducted in a very fun filled way. You can get a membership pass which enables free entry for guests on daily basis.

9. Salt Creek Beach Park

Looking for a place for surfing? The answer to it is Salt Creek Beach Park which is most popular for surfing. It is located near the Pacific Coast Highway. You will get ample opportunities to swim, surf, sunbathe, or watch the tidepools on its beach full of sand. The park offers luxurious facilities of rest room, towels, sunscreen lotions along with out door showers for its guests. Snacks, drinks and various other food items are also available to make the most of your picnic trip to the Salt Creek Beach Park. Option is yours whether you want to spend the whole time of your day on the sand or exploring its water. things to do in orange county 6
Things to do in Orange County, California (2021) 25

10. Sherman Library and Gardens

If you have green thumb you would love to visit Sherman Library and Gardens . you can quench your thirst for exotic flowers, exquisite gardens and wide range of plants. Visitors are more than welcome to explore and walk around the wide red brick pathways along the blossoming and budding fresh flowers. The website has a complete list of customised events like expert views and discussions on gardening, live painting classes as well as yoga regime. You will get to see and buy many useful items on its premises Shops on gardening to satisfy your green thumb. things to do in orange county 7
Things to do in Orange County, California (2021) 26

Let us know if you liked the fun things to do in orange county.

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