Top 5 Spots for Best Coffee in Vancouver


Coffee is not just a drink, but an experience. Ask the coffee lunatics, and they will list the details. Not only does it help you feel more boosted, burn fat and improve physical performance, but also lowers your risk of conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. Vancouver’s coffee community of artisan roasters is ever-growing – and often viable. Be it the classic brews or the best espresso, this is where to find the best coffee in Vancouver, a bustling metropolis, full of coffee buffs. It is worth agreeing that coffee is moving away from the traditional and now moving towards a balance of flavors.

Best Coffee in Vancouver

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1. Revolver

Revolver has been perhaps the most legendary and notable-looking coffee shop in Vancouver with a perfect ‘Gastown’ vibe. This urbane chic spot is tastefully decorated, offering some of the best coffee in the city. The extensive bean selection allows you to choose your way to have your coffee brewed Their coffee program appears meek but is detailed. Their famous rotating menu, of world class roasters around North America, offers drinks made fresh to order. They own the bizarre, not the average.

2. Nemesis Coffee

Nemesis, as the name suggests is a rival in the top 5 coffee spots around Vancouver. It is your one-stop destination for some coffee genius. Lit with the bright hues of white, it is upbeat. The ambience is pleasant with a relaxed window side seating aside the long glass panes. The unstinting patio makes this chic cafe an onlooker’s nirvana. Unlike the usual great roasters, Nemesis buys the best roasts, and the baristas are renowned for their tailor-made pour-overs. They have house-made apple cider, various teas, and kombucha on tap for you to relish.

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3. Prototype Coffee

With a scintillating ambience, Prototype offers over 14 different coffees at any given time on their brew bar besides the numerous options for espresso. They invent a roast profile that stages its origin flavours in the most flattering way, boosting sweetness and balance. The roasting bar, in the tasting room offers a forthright experience. Instead of roasting on a single commercial-sized roaster, Prototype instead uses three, smaller ones. The intention here is to have the flexibility to roast as little as one bag at a time while letting guests to experience the roasting process firsthand, from green to brown. Prototype is quite a one-off option if you want to experience the journey of the beans to aroma in your cup. You can also check Top 5 Spots for Best Sushi in Vancouver.

4. Timbertrain

The coffee bar is raised when it comes to Timbertrain Coffee Roasters. This spot is the manifestation of the founders’ shared childhood dream of building community through their newfound passion of coffee—Timbertrain Coffee Roasters. It is a perfect destination for coffee fanatics that offers only the finest from green beans. Dedicated to the nitty-gritties of brewing, you are all set to be served perfection into each cup. The slow bar embraces their commitment to savour and flavour. You will be mesmerized with the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans culminating in your cup, pouring through an orderly, measured, and mastered technique. The unique and meticulous process is what sets them apart from the other best places for coffee around Vancouver.

5. Moving Coffee Roastery

Moving Coffee Roastery should be on top of you bucket list if you are particular about specialty graded coffee. The founders are licensed Q graders, green coffee quality geniuses. Coffee quality is undoubtedly, the upmost priority and interest. Sourcing the élite of the variants, you will find beans roasted on a crude range of light to medium, leaving a leeway for the coffee’s inherent properties to stand out. The coffee man Edmond is a certified Q-grader, with all the training to identify and grade coffee quality. You will be instructed to Pick your beans, and on how to make your coffee. For a person like me who loves the luxury of choice, nothing beats their options of two brewing methods (espresso or pour over) and a pick of two specialty beans.

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