5 Best Places to Eat in Vancouver

Best Places to Eat in Vancouver: If you are in Vancouver, you better know that you are in one of the ‘best food cities’ in the world. The town is famed for its longest growing climate and that is what brings some of the most exquisite ingredients on plate, all year round. You cannot walk off the street without indulging in the aroma out of the drool-worthy food. Everything including the booze, the seafood or the surfeit of cuisines, is just spell casting. While the whole world waits to import the seafood, you can sit here devouring on the fresh bait, straight off the boat. Whether you are here for a week or forever, you cannot get enough of it.

Places to Eat in Vancouver

Here we are, with the fabulous- five bucket list eats to ease it off for you.


Try the Vancouver staple- famous hot dogs, that include variations of Japanese-style foods. At Japadog, you get the unique blend of flavours from East and West. These legendary preparations carved with spices and herbs will make your day. It is not just an Americanized hot dog, but one infused with the Japanese food and flavour.

Joe Fortes

Seafood at Joe Fortes has been a signature staple ever since it opened. It’s a majestic place laden with chandeliers, servers bearing ties, and the occasional piano player. The beautiful rooftop is worth waiting for, but only open during the summer months. If you happen to go downstairs, you get to enjoy things like lobster rolls, seafood towers, and prawn cocktails while you watch their staff shuck oysters a lot faster than anyone can.

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Must Eat’s Of Vancouver British Columbia

Places to eat in Vancouver


Vij’s is an Indian restaurant that has been around since the ’90s and has a great rooftop patio, open in the summer. At Vij’s, the traditional Indian methods, spices and culinary influences are paired with sustainable, local produce from British Columbia. You will absolutely love the variety of lamb ‘popsicles,’ pork spoon and mango kulfi. They want you to delve into the goodness of their preparation with solo and group servings of most appetizers and half orders of their curries. You can make the most of your meal by trying a bit of everything even if you’re solo or with one other person. The Vij’s continues to ace the run for the best places to eat in Vancouver.

Bao Bei

Bao Bei, meaning ‘precious’, is a unique restaurant in Chinatown that nurtures off-the-cuff intimate dining experiences by through small plates meant to be shared amongst groups. You will love it when with your friends and family. The food and ambiance have influences from Taiwan and Shanghai with a modern North Pacific twist to Chinese cooking. A good stiff cocktail and a fine glass of pinot noir to go with your food does not sound like a blue. They will ensure they have taken great care to create unique bevvies and to curate a nice little list of wines for you.


The Belgian spot is a perfect choice to spoil your partner over a brunch date. You will be ecstatic with the feel at Chambar when you dine over Moules Frites, Ossu Buco and wine. The spectacular menu, the rich vibe and the aromatic Belgian Waffles and Paella will give you reasons to go back time and again. Everything from the architecture to décor, staff to music is inviting and exceptional. You will fall in love with it.

Be it best places to eat in Vancouver or trails to hike, the list is never ending. Also Check Must Eat’s Of Vancouver British Columbia .

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