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Famous foods in Vancouver

FOOD IS THE ONLY INGREDIENT THAT BINDS US TOGETHER Can there be anything more enchanting than a charming atmosphere with a smile to enjoy a perfect cuisines in best of the eating joints in heavenly Vancouver?


The choices offered of food for everyone all over the world ranging from chicken, mutton or seafood to strict vegetarians are numerous. Do you know the number of eating joints in Vancouver? There are more than 6,000 eating joints and restaurants in Vancouver famous for fresh, healthy local sea food i.e. Salmon, which is shipped to every corner of the world, but its most satisfying when you are able to relish it here in Vancouver straight from the sea. Another most popular mouth watering sea food is Canadian Sablefish and BC Spot Prawns.


Vancouver is a land rich with delicious ingredients and varied flavours. It attracts the foodies with a bounty of fresh local farms, a booming culinary scene and exciting food festivals. The city is one of the world’s most famous eating spots. Many restaurants serve excellent Canadian cuisines by serving the best choices in fresh sea foods like fresh crabs, oysters, prawns, shellfish etc. Another must try is Candied Salmon. The sweet taste of maple syrup balances the saltiness perfectly to offer a mouth watering snack for even non sea food lovers too. Locals enjoy the tasty Hot dogs with various toppings at numerous outlets across the city.


A trip for Vegans to get their fix would be at Wallflower to try local invention of Poutine with many variations to choose from. Poutine is a combination of hot french fries mixed in gravy and cheese curd and originated in Canadian province of Quebec.

Delicious Food of Vancouver- Poutine
Delicious Food of Vancouver- Poutine

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Delicious Food of Vancouver- Poutine


How about Asian cuisines? Most of the Vancouver residents are proud of their Asian customs and traditions. Best Asian cuisine is available here in Vancouver. Various family owned restaurants like Phnom Penh keeps its customers coming again and again as if attracted to a magnet to relish their out of the world specialities especially chicken and beef. You can get Roasted pork, duck and soya sauce chicken at affordable rates. Many restaurants feature Chinese cuisines and drinks in a very open and beautiful ambience. Fascinating options of great foods are offered at Granville Island Market. You can enjoy your day eating best foods along with shopping and visiting handicraft galleries.


Fond of Japanese food ? Japanese cuisine encompasses the regional and traditional foods of Japan, which have developed through centuries of political, economic, and social changes. The traditional cuisine of Japan, Washoku, is based on rice with miso soup and other dishes; there is an emphasis on seasonal ingredients. (Wikipedia) You can try Tojo Sushi Restaurant where you can eat world’s popular Tojo Roll. Miku restaurant is also famous because of its scenic beauty especially Sushi. Also Check Poutine – Must Try Delicious Food of Vancouver


Korean cuisine is the customary cooking traditions and practices of the culinary arts of Korea. Korean cuisine has evolved through centuries of social and political change. (Wikipedia) Traditional Korean food is served at So Hyang korea Cuisine most famous for hand picked chicken, beef and pork as well as sea food. All these restaurants are full of hospitality and a friendly atmosphere serving unbelievable treats for your belly.


Vancouver has the credit of serving the best of Baked Pies an ultimate experience both in American as well as British style. You can try a wide range of sweet and sour delicacies at Peaked Pies or The British Butcher Shoppe. Baked pies surrounded by pastry can be formed from cream, fruit, custard and savoury. You can relish various moth watering pies according to your taste buds.


Do you the best places to visit for someone with a sweet tooth ? La Casa Gelato and Earnest Ice cream is where you can explore plethora of flavours coming straight from the fresh local production. Gelato, organic or classic chocolate can be a good try.

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Don’t leave Vancouver without tasting its various delicacies and check out at variety of outlets across British Columbia. Delicious inventions add colour to its vibrant mode for not only non vegetarians but also for hard core vegans. You can spend the whole day eating melt-in-mouth receips and having fun to its fullest. No one will ever complain of being deprived of his favourite flavour and taste according to changing season which gives every reason to come back here again and again in this heaven called Vancouver.


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