Poutine – Must Try Delicious Food of Vancouver

POUTINE : A must try in Vancouver

Vancouver is the most liveable cities in the whole world and it can proudly boast its collars up for its wide ranging quality of life not only in terms of living but also eating. Name the food and you get it here in Vancouver ! Any flavour, any cuisine or any taste from one end of the world to the other.. its available in our Vancouver. Vancouver’s spell bounding location across the ocean tucked up against the North shore makes living in Vancouver an ideal basis for a minimum two year exploration. When it comes to eating and exploring food in Vancouver it will be a hard choice for you. But let’s make it easier for you to decide and suggest you to begin with POUTINE. Vegans as well as Non vegetarians can try their fix by trying the local invention of Poutine with many varieties to choose from.

What is Poutine?


Poutine is a fast food meal made with french fries and cheese curds tossed up in a brown rich mouth watering gravy. It has its roots in the province of Quebec of Canada which started emerging in 1950’s crediting its long association with the cuisine of Quebec. Once a customer at Quebec asked the chef at a restaurant to add toasted cheese curds to the deep fried potatoes. The chef responded in a very disheartening manner and commented that it would be terrible combination. Since then it has become the invention of the locals of Canada and especially Vancouver. If I have to describe Poutine I would say that it is one of the classic hearty dish served across Vancouver and do not be ashamed of having finished everything on your plate. You can very well combine this fast food with a chilled beer. The small diced pieces of warm and cheese mixed with brown gravy just melt in your mouth. Another option or a substitute for cheese curds can be mozzarella cheese which tastes equally great. Non vegetarians can relish a perfect Poutine gravy made up of beef stock and chicken stock. You can even begin with canned broth. You can also check White Rock – Unraveling the chronicle

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Here is the list of Ingredients to make a rich Poutine:

5 tbsp unsalted butter ¼ cup all purpose flour 3 tbsp cornflour 30 ml beef broth 20 ml chicken broth 4 potatoes Cooking Oil for deep frying 1 ½ cup cheddar/ mozzarella Salt and white pepper to taste .

Steps to follow:

● Dissolve the cornflour in water

● Melt the butter in a pan

● Add flour and stir till golden brown

● Thicken beef and chicken broth by adding cornflour to it to make the sauce

● Deep fry the potato fries for about 8-10 minuets

● Add the gravy to the french fries by seasoning it with salt and pepper

● Top it with cheese curds and toss everything

● Serve hot Poutine Special Tip: You can cook all french fies in an air fryer instead of deep frying to maintain a healthy oil free diet.

List of places to try Poutine in Vancouver:

● Mean Poutine

● Spice World Hotpot Restaurant

● La Belle Patate

● Belgian fries

● The Wallflower

● Frenchies Dinn Enjoy and relish Poutine in Vancouver !

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