The 5 Best Ramen in Vancouver You Must Eat

An inkling to enjoy the frequent downpour in British Columbia is to have a sweltering hot bowl of soup with noodles, topped with meat or veggies. Be it This is what they call Ramen. Anyone from Japan can tell you that Real Japanese ramen is not about the noodles, it is about the broth. Keeping the validity in mind, here is a sneak-peak into the 5 best spots for Ramen in the Vancouver locale.

Best Ramen in Vancouver

Best Ramen in Vancouver:

Best Ramen in Vancouver
Picture Credit: DailyHive

1. The Ramen Butcher

On a chilly or rainy day in Vancouver, this place in Chinatown offers an incredible fusion of textures. They have options to mix the basics of the bowl so the visitors can customize their ramen. This cozy place is the best for a pre-show dinner if you are a frequent visitor of Firehall Arts Centre, which is a short walk from here.

The ramen is absolutely divine! The restaurant has high ceilings and is well lit. There are splendid origami cranes hanging from the ceiling in one area. The service is quick and no fuss. Even if you have to wait in a queue, you will be seated soon and served quite right. The presentation and vibrant colours of their preparation are enticing. Best Ramen in Vancouver

Location: 223 Georgia St E, Vancouver

2. Ramen Danbo

Ramen Danbo in Vancouver is one of the chain’s first restaurants outside of Japan. The variety offers a tweak of customary Tonkotsu ramen well-crafted in the Kyushu Hakata style – one of the most popular types in Japan. The soup broth is boiled at extremely high heat and made with only the premium pork bones and specially treated water.

Not only that, the ramen-dare soup base is imported from Japan, made from select natural ingredients, and despite having low sodium, is filled with umami extracts. While savouring the authentic taste of Fukuoka, you can also customize your ramen and select delectable toppings to create your own one-off. Best Ramen in Vancouver

Location: Kitsilano: 1833 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver
Robson: 1333 Robson Street, Vancouver

Restaurants for Best Ramen in Vancouver
Best Ramen in Vancouver
Picture Credit: ThisisPopulist

3. JINYA Ramen Bar

At Jinya, ramen is prepared with passion. Do not sweat the queue. The table turnover is real quick, owing to the smart and sharp staff. While you are being seated, rejoice in the aroma of the whole pork bones, gently simmered for more than ten hours and later combined with chicken or vegetables with just the right amount of other authentic ingredients. This is what results in a rich, flavored and exceptional broth.

The meticulously carved noodles are made fresh daily and sink perfectly in your bowl of broth. They give you the ideal palate to customize with an array of traditional toppings on the side. You are free to choose from pork, chicken or our vegetarian broth, as well as from spinach noodles. Jinya follows kaizen – the Japanese practice of continuous improvement – means that you are bound to experience the best, always. The exclusive presentation of food with exceptional appetizers in an upscale atmosphere are, an icing on the cake. Best Ramen in Vancouver

Location: 541 Robson St, Vancouver

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4. Marutama

One of Vancouver’s best ramen place Marutama’s broth for all dishes is chicken-based, with an intense umami taste. This makes it an ideal place for those with choices or dietary requirements in comparison to most of the other ramen bars that use pork broth. The lighter taste of the the creamy chicken broth and higher content of collagen is what most of the women diners prefer. They claim their broth to be free of MSG and imitation flavors.

The aromatic, creamy and mouth-watering flavor from AOSA, the seaweed that they import from Japan brings the delight to your table. Marutama believes in curating authentic flavour that everyone can enjoy safely. Those three little bottles of dried garlic flakes, powered chili and toasted sesame seeds will lend your creamy bowl of ramen, an extra dash of zest. Also Read Best Breweries in Vancouver. Best Ramen in Vancouver

Location: 780 Bidwell St, Vancouver

Spots for Best Ramen in Vancouver
Best Ramen in Vancouver
Pictyre Credit: Reddit

5. Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

This place is famous for soup made by hand from scratch. The reason why they stick to ingredients and production method is to serve everyone a family-friendly, delicious, and healthy ramen. The use of salt and artificial seasonings is trifling. There are sides that you can add to your tasty ramen experience such as egg, mushrooms, corn, tofu, etc. You can change the size of your order to large or small depending on your hunger-pangs.

 At Hokkaido, they try to make the experience as close to best as possible. They do regular shio, shoyu, miso and spicy miso one of which you may like. Best Ramen in Vancouver

Location: 558, West Broadway, Vancouver

Which of these restaurants serves the best ramen?

Which ones out of our best picks would you like to try?

Do add up to our list if you want to. We would love to hear from you.

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