Top 5 Spots for the Best Burger in Toronto

Top Burger-Binges in Toronto

Toronto is believed to do burgers, just right. Ranging from the greasy old school types to the flavorsome indulgences on the bun, Toronto’s burger variety caters to everyone. Let us dive deep and check-out the top five spots for the best burger in Toronto.

Best Burger in Toronto

Best Burger in Toronto
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1. Richmond Station

Location: 1 Richmond Street West, Toronto

The Richmond Station is proudly owned by chef Carl Heinrich, who formerly worked at Marben and set out on his own venture after he bagged the winning title in Top Chef Canada.  The Marben connection is evident when you savor the burger. It tastes more like a conventional hamburger. Despite the strange texture, it is definitely both appetizing and satiating.  The melted cheddar which is not too overpowering, topped with the beet chutney and pickled onions add some zing while still allowing the beef to be the showstopper. The toasted bun which is fine and fresh holds up nicely to the messy burger. The patty is grilled and accounts for the best stuffing. Last but not the least, the fries are tinged with rosemary and make the best combination with horse-radish infused dipping sauce. Step into the aromatic ambiance and relish the preparation. You can also check Restaurants for Best Sushi in Vancouver.

2. The Tilted Dog Pub & Kitchen

Location: 424 Parliament St., Toronto

The Tilted Dog patio is a perfect spot on hot summer nights, shaded and comfortable. Treat yourself with an excellent banquet burger! When the meals arrive, the portions are generous, hot, and smell amazing. Their burgers are one of the best amongst all the meals, which are incredibly flavorsome. The Tilted Dog Pub + Kitchen now stands where the Local Gest did and these co-owners Sean Gayland along with Tiffany Smith — two of the four former owners of the Local Gest. They are together upholding the pub’s disposition along with food and beverage selections. From the quiet below-grade patio to the cozy interior, the newly rebranded venue aims to satiate the Cabbage towners for years to come.

spots for best burger in toronto
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3. The Burgernator

Location: 269, Augusta AVENUE, Toronto

The Burgernator is an easy-to-spot location owing to the logo. Once you are inside the outlet, the sandwich board, small plastic robot figurines on the island and condiment stand in the shop’s center collectively give you a sophisticated feel. The place has been carefully curated and set up with the finest elements. The black theme will help you look at the various mission statements, slogans, and logos scattered across the walls in bright white paint. The interesting and notable excerpts from their philosophy include “the burger is our weapon; the city is our battlefield”. The menu runs the gamut, offering a range of patties, toppings, and more. Definitely, a great contender for the best burgers in Toronto.

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Location: 1221, Bay St, Toronto

PLANTA was opened with the resolve of creating delectable food that endorses environmental sustainability. Under chef David Lee, PLANTA intended at filling a void in the market of chic, plant-based dining options. The restaurant’s prophecy is to celebrate innovative cuisine in a beautiful environment exclusive of the use of any animal products. There’s more to conscientious plant-based eating than just taking animals off the plate. The pledge to use first-rate products from ethical suppliers provides the basis for chefs at PLANTA, to take pride in the food they serve. You will absolutely love, rave and rant about the plant-based version of burger at this little piece of heaven.

Top Burger-Binges in Toronto
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5. Rudy

Location: 619 College St, Toronto

      69, Duncan St, Toronto

      1330, Danforth Avenue, Toronto

You will absolutely love this minimally decorated eatery that offers a simple yet amazing menu of burgers, fries, and more. The burgers are small, but the patty is totally next level. The additional sauces only leave you craving for more. It is a rare find to eat a super soft bun with the flawlessly executed goodness of veggie and meat toppings. There is a simplistic charm to their preparation. The burger is not beyond any vital elements, but the juicy and flavorsome tinge is everything you could ever ask for. Get here for theirs are straight up the best burgers in the multiverse. The Rudy version of the big Mac is hands down. They pay attention to ensure each element contributes to the texture and flavor of the piece. Almost a spot-on challenger for the best burger-binges in Toronto.

Which is your favourite go-to spot for burgers?

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