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Self-hosted WordPress


Hosting your own WordPress site is fun and rewarding, but it also requires technical knowledge and places more responsibility on you as a publisher.

WordPress software is downloaded at no cost from, but it must be installed on an online server before it can work. you would like to search out and install your own themes and plugins.

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Get Your Own Hosting

Many web hosts offer a one-click WordPress installation. may be a great option for bloggers, photographers, artists, plumbers, doctors, restaurateurs, and nearly anyone. Power users preferring to possess full control over their code, however, should consider hosting their own WordPress installation. we’ve got plenty of themes and plugin features in-built so you do not must download your own, although you’ll if you have got the business plan for your website.

You may have heard that you simply must host yourself because what you would like isn’t available when hosting on While there is also some instances where this can be true, most of those things will be accomplished together with your site.

Does your website need more functionality? Would you wish to use a subject matter that you just bought elsewhere or developed for yourself?

If the above features don’t meet your needs, you’ll be able to install custom themes and third party plugins that you just have purchased elsewhere by updating our business plan.

If you would like to come up with advertising revenue, we’ve got an advertising program, WordAds. Here you’ll request WordAds; you wish a custom name and your website should meet a minimum traffic requirement. Auto-enrollment with WordAds is additionally included in our premium plan.

Google AdSense and other third-party advertisements are permitted for our business plan websites. PayPal buttons will be used on any site. Easy-to-use buttons for paying with PayPal are available on premium, business, and e-commerce sites.

Affiliate links are often used on sites as long as they’re not the first focus of your site.

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Web site or Website

How To Host Your Own Website, also referred to as ‘real WordPress’, is that the popular website platform you’ve heard all the nice things about.

It is open source software and 100% free for anyone to use. All you wish may be a name and web hosting. For this reason, it’s also called self-hosted WordPress.

Benefits of

With, you’ve got full control over your website. you’ll do whatever you wish and customize it however you wish.

These are a number of the advantages of selecting for building your website and why it’s our top pick for the simplest website builder.

WordPress software is free, open source, and really easy to use. (See why WordPress is free?)

You own your website and every one of its data. Your site won’t be closed because someone decides it’s against their terms of service (as long as they do not do anything illegal). you’re fully control.

You can add free, paid, and custom WordPress plugins / apps to your website.

You can customize your website design per your needs. you’ll add any free or premium WordPress theme you wish. you’ll be able to also create fully custom designs or modify anything you would like.

In fact, you’ll make money on your WordPress site by running your own ads without sharing the income with anyone.

You can use powerful tools like Google Analytics for personalized analysis and tracking.

You can use self-hosted WordPress to line up an internet store to sell digital or physical products, accept mastercard payments, and deliver / ship the products directly from your website.

You can also create membership pages and sell memberships for premium content, courses, etc. and build an internet community around your website.

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Disadvantages of

There are only a few downsides to using the self-hosted site.

Like all websites, you would like web hosting. Initially, the price is around $3-10 per month. However, as your website grows and receives more traffic, the price of an online hosting plan will increase obviously, on the other hand you may make enough money to hide the price.

You must have WordPress installed. Fortunately, hottest WordPress hosting companies offer one-click WordPress installation options. you’ll follow our full tutorial on a way to install WordPress properly.

You are accountable for updates. you’ll easily update your WordPress site by simply clicking the update button (one click), so it’s not an excessive amount of work.

You are accountable for the backup. Luckily, there are lots of WordPress backup plugins you’ll use to line up automatic backups.

The actual cost of a website will vary looking on what you wish to create (simple blog, portfolio website, ecommerce store, membership site, etc.).

On a budget, you’ll build your website for as little as $46 annually. For more information, see our guide the 000 cost of building a WordPress website.

For 99% of users, our recommendation is to always use

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Conclusion –

Not many of us know that web hosting is crucial for the success of any website. When choosing the proper WordPress host for your needs, you would like to weigh the providers in terms of speed, reliability, security, and price. after you self-host your WordPress site, you get plenty of creative control over everything from code and plugins to themes and user experience.

If you’re just starting out, you’ll hunt for web hosts that have a powerful technical support program and might facilitate your get wont to the WordPress backend. you’ll find yourself paying a small amount more if you select fully managed WordPress services, but the time saved may be well worthwhile.

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