5 Best Ramen in Montreal You Just Have To Try


What in the world, is this Ramen?

Ramen is a trendy choice in Japanese food, comprising of wheat noodles in a broth topped with varieties of meats and vegetables. Interestingly, it has an array of variants pertaining to geographical and vendor-specific variances. Montréal has a lip-smacking variety of Ramen. With a multitude of noodle shops and ramen houses popping up, this classic Japanese food has been growing in popularity. Here, we bring you some of the best places to go for a scrumptious Ramen date.

Restaurants for Best Ramen in Montreal
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Best Ramen in Montreal


Located at: 4274 Boulevard St-Laurent

This cozy ramen spot has some excellent delicacies to offer, including a vegetarian ramen. The warm atmosphere and the welcoming staff treat you really well. The Ramen complement to the Kurobata Izakaya, the primary go-to choice here is their signature take on Tonkotsu. This comes with slices of BBQ pork. There is a gyu (beef) medley that cannot be found elsewhere in town and zings things up. Not just that, they also have a Yasai vegan choice that uses a mushroom-based broth to go with its tofu. Ramen-Ya keeps it simple, yet unique. You have the option of creating your own best ramen by choosing your favourite topping and broth. You will most probably claim it to be the best Ramen spot after your visit.

best Ramen spot
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Located at: 1925 Rue Sainte-Catherine O.

Ichifuku is a perfect hangout with a happening ambience, located in the heart of Chinatown. Not only one that makes the Ramen just right, but also the favourite go-to place for those fond of pocket-friendly homemade noodles. They make fresh noodles every day. Ichifuku’s testimony to quality can be perceived from its duteous soup making process, which brags of no M.S.G (monosodium glutamate), popularly called as Gluten, to six varieties of noodles different in diameters that brace with its various signature broths. This inviting place staggers you with their noodle making machine, imported from China, visible through the glass, when passing by the restaurant. Every noodle is carved with love for each bowl of soup prepared there. For the first timers, the Tonkotsu ramen, which is made with a pork bone broth with garlic oil is simply delectable to try. You can also check The 17 Best Restaurants in Vancouver, Canada.

best ramen montreal
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Located at: 4185 Rue Drolet

If you are wondering about the tongue-twisting name, the literal Japanese translation is “I like it.” Nicknamed Ramen House, located in the Plateau-Mont-Royal neighbourhood, Yokato Yokabai is one of the many strong contenders for the best ramen in Montreal. Remember, you will be served with a first come first serve decorum, forget the reservations. They have an assortment of broths, meats, and toppings to choose from, so you can really make your own version of ramen. They are the pioneers in serving porc bone broth, a broth which is exclusive to the Tonkotsu region. Besides the restaurant’s location and aether, the cocktails make it a validated choice. The extra salty pork bone tonkotsu with extra scallions and half an egg will get you into a trance.

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Located at: 1844 Rue Sainte-Catherine O.

This chic Japanese restaurant, known for lineups serves classic izakaya dishes. The only choice of ramen on the menu is enough to tempt you. It is in their lunches, where their ramen can be found complementing the rich shoyu broth. There is a rich choice between veggies, BBQ pork, chicken or tofu, along with a soy-marinated egg that you would like to relish. The huge variety on the Japanese cuisine here will only leave you craving for more. Get onto the stool for a perfect date with an incredible Ramen bowl.

Best spots for ramen in montreal
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5. Kinton Ramen

Located at: 1211 Bishop st and many more

Kinton Ramen, a Toronto-based chain serves an eclectic selection of best ramen bowls not just within Montreal, but across Canada and Korea. An extensive selection of vegetarian options is available! The mouth-watering ramen in soup will leave you slurping till the last drop. Getting your bowl clean makes you the Kinton Bowler. Isn’t it exciting to be a Kinton Bowler, that too with a loyalty gift card!The array of variety that comes with either chicken, pork, thick or thin noodles is all on the menu. We bet you would not miss out when they’re serving the Mega Bowler with twice the noodles, six times the pork, four slices of pork belly, and fresh toppings to the balance. Bonus: They have a loyalty card that’s punched when you finish your first bowl down to the last drop, making you an official Kinton Bowler.

What other spots are your favourite Ramen abodes?
Which of our best picks match yours?

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