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Best Poutine in Toronto: Poutine is mushy, messy, and absolutely crispy French fries, stifled in a tangy gravy and salty cheese curds. This classic Canadian dish which originated in Quebec, Montreal forms a perfect indulgence. The gravies and types of curds are very many, to choose from. It is not unfair to say that every Canadian has tried poutine once in their lives.

So very well known as a national dish, it often hits top-of-the-list of things travelers want to try. Sometimes, though, finding the right place is a real struggle, especially with an array of places to choose from. But if you are around Toronto, you can get all of it ranging from extravagant twists that feature squash, coq au vin to the classic Quebec dish. If you really want to satiate your hunger with some good poutine, no matter a vegan or vegetarian, we got you covered. Here are the 5 best spots for Poutine in Toronto that we discovered for you.

spots for poutine in toronto
best poutine in toronto
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Best Poutine in Toronto

Leslieville Pumps

Location: 929, Queen St. E, Toronto

Leslieville Pumps is more of a country-style restaurant, gas station and convenience store in the East End whose reputation relies on the outstanding mean BBQ flavors it creates. Evocative of a Northern Ontario truck stop, Leslieville Pumps boasts of their Hickory Smoked Chicken and Southern Beef Brisket which some are already say, is the best in Toronto. The chicken thigh, topped with arugula and tomatoes, is unbelievably tender.

The sauce which is a mixture of the Pump’s own BBQ sauce and sweet chili aioli tastes similar to a pulled pork sandwich but with a spicy kick. As for the ambience, Faux Muskoka chairs line the window outside under the old-time storefront, while inside cottage memorabilia adorns the walls. The poutine – which comes with rusty Ontario cheese curds, dark, rich gravy and either baked beans pulled pork or brisket – is astounding. Tourists with itineraries and late-night hankerings for delicious eats, pay attention: this one of the top five Poutine eateries is open 24 hours.

Boon Burger Cafe

Location: Unit 1 – 497 Dundas St. W., Oakville, Toronto

Stop at Boon for excellence in food quality, consistency, and taste. This chic restaurant offers High-quality ingredients and about five different combinations of poutine. Their preparation is fantastic. For those fond of eating plant-based food, this one is highly recommended if you are trying to cut down on all the fat and cholesterol that comes with beef and pork. Vegan options are available too. The food at Boon is served with integrity. They source the best ingredients possible and prepare them by hand, most made fresh in their local commissary kitchens or prepared in-house every day.

best poutine in toronto
Photo Credit: TorontoLife

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Nom Nom Nom Poutine

Location: 707 Dundas St. W., Toronto

Frequently voted as Toronto’s best poutine, this arcade which is owned by. Montreal owner offers a moderate native-inspired Poutine. The ingredients, old-style fries, massive inhouse-made curds and onion-based gravy are amplified with smoked meat. You cannot help but love the dozen varieties of poutine here, including some vegetarian and halal options.

The twist on the original includes creative additions, ranging from seasoned chicken and green peas, deep fried Brussels sprouts and mushrooms, Montreal smoked meat, or duck confit to fried rosemary. The poutine here is budget-friendly, without compromising on flavor. Also, check our article on 5 Best Ramen in Montreal You Just Have To Try.

Smoke’s Poutinerie

Location: 457 Spadina Ave, Toronto (many more)

There are several locations of Smoke’s Poutinerie, making it stress-free to grab a piping hot plate of the cheesy delight. When it comes to choices, you have multitude here. To keep it simple, grab the traditional (fries, curds, and gravy) or the vegetarian traditional, but for something more indulgent, there are pork varieties, poutines with chicken, steak, beef and vegetarian poutines. Smoke’s is a nation-wide franchise and more into fast-food experience than dine-in.

The menu is extensive, offering just about any combination of toppings one could ever think of. Adventurous eaters are impressed by the nacho, cheeseburger and pierogi options, while traditionalists opt for the Hog town, the Toronto-specific poutine that goes by the city’s nickname and features mushrooms, onions, Italian sausage and double-smoked bacon. The extensive variety makes it a one shop fits all contender for the top spots for poutine in Toronto.

place to eat poutine in toronto
best poutine in toronto
Photo Credit: Canada

The Enchanted Poutinerie

Location: 730, lson Ave., Toronto

Discern the enriched flavours and mystical draw of their 100% original and customised poutine menu. The Enchanted Poutinerie is a bit of a like-it-or-not scenario, offering up a tie dye unicorn poutine at their restaurant near Dufferin and Wilson.

If you’re not looking for a colourful poutine, they still offer up a classic poutine, or you can choose from a huge list of twenty flavours like bacon, cheeseburger, chicken shawarma, chicken nugget, mac & cheese, jerk chicken, and more.

Where in Toronto is your favourite poutine spot?
Which out of our select go-to places for poutine would you like to try?

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Best Spots for Poutine in Toronto

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