The 5 Best Burger in Vancouver: Here Our Top Picks

Best Burger in Vancouver: One of the supreme inventions in food chronicle has to be the burger. The burger is a timeless piece of dining history that reiterates childhood, complements beer, and makes a meal that you can relish. On the day craving hits, nothing satiates more than a juicy, fresh-topped-off-the-grill burger.

It is undeniable that Vancouver has an array of great burger-spots that offer the best of this classic food. From the rich and ravishing patties to the grilled crisp buns, whether it is breakfast, classic cheese, or bacon loaded, the coastal city offers a perfect one for every kind one could dream of. Here are some of the best burgers you must try in Vancouver. Best Burger in Vancouver

best burger vancouver
Picture Credit: Inside Vancouver

Best Burger in Vancouver


Named after a hundred-dollar bill and crowded in the afternoon and night, Hundy has a signature line-up of burgers which are a treat. Lighting up the after-hours on Friday and Saturday evenings, this chic burger joint offers signature burgers on homemade buns with special sauce and double-cooked fries washed down with local craft beer or wine. Best Burger in Vancouver

Taste for yourself, their mighty and meaty cheeseburger with a crispy side of fries for a sumptuous meal. It has rapidly become known for serving one of Vancouver’s best burgers. With families showing up early and the cool kids spilling in the doors at the later hours, Hundy is now a vicinity favourite besides being a top contender for the best burger in Vancouver.

Located at: 2042 WEST 4TH AVE,Vancouver

DownLow @ the American

The burgers at DownLow are made in the “smash” method, which indicates the way they are prepared, not how they are eaten. Each robust dry-aged ground beef patty – made with Two Rivers Meats – is “smashed” during cooking, to lock in the flavour and a nice crust. Burgers here are exact handfuls made by people who are obsessed with them. The meat has a distinctive flavour. In this case it is an exceptionally beefy tang, and it is a flavour that people regularly line up for.

Located at: 926 Main Street, Vancouver

vancouver burger
Picture Credit: DailyHive
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Alibi Room

Slack and friendly, Alibi Room is actually a brewery usually overloaded with friends and flannel. You will hear the buzz of deep conversations about everything, from the latest video games to forthcoming trips. Notwithstanding its large industrial-heritage digs, Alibi Room is still crowded most nights, so you might have to wait a few minutes outside on Alexander Street before ordering your first brew.

You will love the rich and thick patty made from 100% natural beef, served with smoked onion mayo and a mound of crispy fries. The meat is tricky to find since it is served a little pink.  Also, Check The 5 Best Ramen in Vancouver You Must Eat.

Located at: 157 Alexander St., Vancouver


BeetBox offers its patrons a range of meat alternatives for lunch, dinner, and late-night service like plant-based burgers, wraps, sandwiches, along with sides like chili cheese fries, roasted broccoli with mushroom XO sauce, and more. You will love the plant based vegan burger and the menu, carefully curated and accessible to everyone, ethical, and above all, delicious. Best Burger in Vancouver

As an omnivore chef, the cook was able to approach it from a different angle and design a menu of meat choices that has the feel, texture, and taste of the real thing. The restaurant is very busy, owing to the classic variety and the best burgers in Vancouver on offer.

Located at: 1074 Davie St., West End, Vancouver

best burger bar vancouver
Picture Credit: VancouverIsAwesome


Reach to Pourhouse Restaurant to get their signature Pourhouse Burger curated with a combination of dry aged Cache Creek beef, pork belly and aged cheddar. You can add a variety of toppings like foie gras, a fried egg, and even crispy chicken skin. Best Burger in Vancouver

The delight is nothing short of extraordinary. It may be simple, but the patty is juicy, the lettuce is crispy, and the bun is soft. If that is not a recipe for a solid street burger, we do not know what is. Besides the awesome vibe and atmosphere, Pourhouse serves up a burger you could eat again and again. Best Burger in Vancouver

Located at: 162 Water St., Vancouver

If you were to try-on, which of the given eateries would you choose?
Which burger spot would you like to add to our list?

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Best Of Burgers in Vancouver, BC

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