Overview of Astrology – A Divine Science

A divine science-

Astrology is offered to man by ancient sages to understand and change the course of events like misery, sadness and disaster caused by evil influences of certain inauspicious combinations or placements of planets. This study is quite scientific and is based on basic assumptions that planets do influence us, that law of karma and theory of cause and effect is genuine. Certain groupings of the stars and planets in relation to earth correspond to various kinds of events which occur during one’s life time, and astrology helps in predicting such events.

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Man is undoubtedly a creature of destiny but he is not entirely its slave. Man has some freedom of will and action too. Fate and freewill are two blades of a scissor and we can never know which blade cuts the paper. The most important benefit of gaining knowledge of astrology is to become aware of how these planets play a game in a man’s life and how he can forearm himself to face the trials and tribulations. To quote an example, if rain is inevitable and we cannot stop it or escape from it then either we don’t go out or take steps to avoid getting wet by wearing a rain coat or by using an umbrella. This is the precise scope and function of astrology. It can help us find the road map of our life and have a deeper psychological insight of certain behavioral, social and mental makeup of a person.

The concept of Vedic Astrology has been handed over to the generations by our ancient sages. To decode and comprehend a horoscope one must be aware of its all basic components along with the rules and regulations governing this divine study of stars.

At the time of birth of an individual a screen shot is taken of the sky showing the position of all planets which is called a horoscope or the natal chart of that particular native born at that time. A horoscope is divided into 12 HOUSES with 9 PLANETS scattered in these various houses. These planets namely SUN, MOON,JUPITER, MARS, MERCURY, VENUS, SATURN, RAHU & KETU are the basic life forces.

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Furthermore, the planets are given a particular number called SIGN. We will discuss all these concepts in detail in coming times. Astrology has a lot many layers and is a very deep study.

Let’s begin with SUN the king of all planets.


  1.       Friends:       Moon, Mars, Jupiter
  2.       Enemies:       Saturn, Venus
  3.       Neutral :      Mercury
  4.       Lord of:       Leo
  5.       Mooltrikona:   Leo 0*20*
  6.       Exaltation:     Aries 10*
  7.       Debilitation:   Libra 10*
  8.       Sex:            Male
  9.       Direction:      East
  10. Lucky stone:   Ruby, Garnet
  11. Diety:          Shiva, Fire, Rudra, Lord Narayana,     


  1. Items of Donation: Wheat,Copper, Ruby,Jaggery,

                              Red flowers or cloth,sandal wood

                              (at Sun rise on Sunday)

  1. Physical outlook: Honey colored eyes, Square in shape

                        Short hair, hyper-irritability, weak

                        Eye-sight,well proportioned body

  1. Humor & parts of body:Bile,wind,bones, knees, navel
  2. Diseases:       Heart disease, Bone fracture, Migraine              

                        Diarrhea, stomach problems, Jaundice,

                        Fever, burns, cuts,wounds, poisioning,

                        Skin diseases, leprosy,weak eyesight,

                        Loss of appetite

  1. Represents :    Soul, ego, vitality, strength  
  2. Prominent Qualities: Political, royal, aristocratic,

                             Barren, a source of life, heat and

                              Energy, quadruped

  1. Significator of: health, father, power, authority,fame

                      Name, government, royalty, medicine,

                      Eyes, wool, wood or timber, places of

                      Worship, brokerage or commissions,

                      Blood circulation, paternal uncle,service,

                      Profession, courage, honorable rank,

                      Politician, doctor, physician, forests


  1. Professions:  economist, ruling class, royal/govt.

                     appointment, administrator, magistrate,

                     dealer in wool, commission agent,forest

                     officer, creator,promoter,owner,surveyor

                     photographer, jeweler,designer

  • Beej Mantra: om hram hreem hraum se suryaye namah

                      (7000 times in 30 days)

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If Sun is the soul then the heart is the Moon. Moon represents our mind, our sensitivity and is the significator of our home and especially our mother, as she nourishes our life on this earth.

The placement of moon in a particular sign and house plays a pivotal role in the mental make up and thinking of a person. How we perceive and react in particular situations and whether we will be able to cope up with them or not, depends on the condition of moon. Waxing and waning of moon highly regulate our mood swings.

Furthermore, in vedic astrology the moon is considered first even before sun for predicting and analysing important spheres of a person’s life. The gravitational impact of moon is so great that it causes tides and movement of water all around us.

In a nutshell moon is our mother, our comfort zone, emotional sensitivity as well as our peace of mind.

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To assess the intelligence of a person you need to judge the condition of mercury in his horoscope. Mercury represents education, mathematics, scientific learning. Communication, media, writing ability, journalism as well as speaking and teaching skills are judged through this Prince called Mercury.

Mercury signifies the relationship of a friend, maternal uncle and aunts, nephews and adopted sons. It also represents various professions and occupations like accountancy, merchandise, business, law drivers, astrologers, writers counsellors etc.

When mercury is with the 6th lord in ascendant, native is mute. Mercury and moon when get damaged in 3rd or 11th house can cause ear trouble. Affliction of mercury causes pulmonary diseases and its association with 7th house lord lead to nervous exhaustion. Strong and unafflicted Mercury gives great power of concentration in studies and in the sphere of his work.


  • Wisdom
  • The law
  • Growth & Expansion
  • Higher education & Teaching
  • Risk taking

Jupiter our Guru/Teacher is the planet of knowledge and rules higher learning both intellectually as well as spiritually. It is one of the most benefic planet in astrology. It’s aspect and blessings are soughted for by everyone. Being the largest planet it also signfies expansion. If jipiter is strongly placed in a chart with good aspects then it makes a person very honest, truthful, religious and is bestowed with divine wisdom. It is the significator of good fortune, long journeys, righteousness, justice and represents higher consciousness.

Jupiter is the karka of gold, wealth or finance. In a female chart it is also the karka of the husband. It also represents sons. Growth and accumulation is the forte of Jupiter. It rules over different body parts like liver, tumor, organs of hearing, lower abdomen, hips, circulation of blood, blood pressure and fat in the body. That is why a native having strong influence of Jupiter on their lagna tend to develop fat or become bulky in their middle ages. Jupiter represents temples, courts, colleges, schools and all places where religious discourses are held.

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Venus is the the karka of wife, marriage, pleasures of senses. It represents the the females that you come in contact with in your life. Venus also signifies comfort, passions, desires, beauty, art as well as sexual desire. The professions and occupations ascertained by venus are that of being an artist, musician,dramatists, cinema line, dress makers, income tax wealth tax, rvenue etc.

If venus gets damaged or afflicted it can have an adverse effect on morals of a person and make him mean-minded, unscrupulous and having illicit relationships.

Affliction of venus in a man’s chart makes marriage full of problems. As it represents relationships it shows how much value we have for our relationships. The main focus is on romantic relationships. Venus is also about having a luxurious and a comfortable life with a derire to have a rich and a fancy life.


The strictest disciplinarian who marks boundaries and limitations is the one and only SATURN. It is that one hard task master planet who watches over our deeds and makes us work hard to the core. Saturn represents longevity, miseries, calamities, servants, labourers, diseases, obstacles and most importantly delays. Since it is a very slow moving planet the natives under strong influence of it will never take a hasty decision. It brings structure, order, law and focus in a person’s life.

All the professions and occupations related to hard labour involving physical work and service class are signified by Saturn. It represents the servants, drivers, builders etc. It can cause immense fear complex in a person. It will grant only what one deserves. No less no more.

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